Tips and Necessary Qualifications For Becoming a Medical Lab Technician

A Medical Lab Technician is usually involved in procedurally performing laboratory tests to ascertain the conditions of the patient(s) as authorized by the Doctor and giving the feedback of test results. They are at a position to prepare the specimens of blood and other body fluids for testing and analysis or they may carry out simple automated tests under strict guidelines. You need to find how to become one? On this page you find the fundamental tips and qualifications that are necessary for you to become a medical technician.

The number one tip of becoming a Medical Technician is to like the career. This calls for not only being interested in becoming a Medical Technician because it is a well paying job or because someone is already one, but because you are prepared to handle all the complexities involved in it. A will to handle the blood samples, stool, urine and other fluids from the human body are a necessity in this profession. It is by these fluids and other tests that the Medical Laboratory Technician is able to detect drugs in the blood, tell the blood group, bacteria, parasites, microorganisms and chemicals in the samples.

Another tip is: do what you can do best, pursue Medical Technician if you find the career self satisfying. Self search yourself and find if you will cope with Medical regulations, working with a number of equipments to analyze samples taken, handling digital based equipments such as cell counters and practicing keenness in analyzing of the results.

Now, having seen the tips, what are the qualifications for becoming a medical technician? In order for you to become a medical lab technician, you will need to meet the following minimum qualifications: be in a possession of an Associate or Bachelor degree in Lab Science or be in possession of an Accredited Medical Lab Certificate. On the other hand, the individual may be required to have an equivalent education and experience qualifications as defined by ASCP in order to be eligible for the MLT/MT category. Basically, having a formal training in Medical Lab from a state recognized institution.

With Medical Laboratory Technician Programs, Expand Your Career Possibilities

I got married and stayed home with my kids. For the last 20 years I have been a stay at home mom and now I am ready to go out and make a career for myself. Back when I was in school my love was math and science. I had dreams of being a nurse or even maybe a doctor.

Now I am looking for Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) programs because I think that I would really enjoy this type of work. I never went to college and from what I am reading I can complete this program through an Associates Degree.

As an MLT I can work in a hospital laboratory, research laboratory, blood bank, just to name a few. My understanding of the job is that I will prepare and process laboratory samples and specimens. This fascinates me and because I work so well independently I think that I would be a good fit for this job. From the research that I have been doing I have found there are numerous Medical Laboratory Technician programs out there.

I have found some websites that narrow the search down to accredited, certified programs with very good reputations. I am fortunate to live in an area with several great schools and colleges that offer MLT courses. Otherwise I would have to leave my family for an extended two year vacation!

That could be a plan…Maybe I should apply to MLT programs out of state. That would give the family something to think about.

Back to reality, the programs in my area are solid and are well respected and well received. Once I have my diploma in hand I will be able to take advantage of job placement assistance that many of the schools are offering. My most important goal right now is to make sure I chose a program that will offer me some good training and that will allow me to feel that I am ready to handle the job responsibilities.

The 4 Important Things You Must Know Before Becoming a Medical Laboratory Technician

With an expectation of the field booming in the next ten years, more and more people are becoming interested in what it means to be a medical laboratory technician. A medical laboratory technician is someone who might work in a variety of different facilities and who will perform testing of various medical sorts.

They might be called upon to write up reports and to analyze the results of their findings. Take some time and make sure that you know the 4 important facts of this job before you take the plunge.

1. You cannot be squeamish

When you are considering getting work as a medical lab tech, you will be working in a laboratory environment and you may be called upon to test all manner of samples. For instance, you might be called upon to prep blood, urine and tissue samples for analysis and in some fields you will need to do things like identify parasites, bacteria and other microorganisms for your employers.

You may also be called upon to analyze the chemical content of fluids or in hospital situations, to match blood for transfusions. This will call for a strong stomach.

2. You will need an Associate’s degree

To secure a position as a clinical laboratory technician, as they are sometimes called, you are going to need a high school diploma or a GED and then there is usually the minimum requirement of having an associate’s degree in medical technology. This is an increasingly competitive field and in many cases, an associate’s degree is going to be required. Some of the coursework that you are going to be looking at is chemistry, laboratory mathematics, microscopy, immunology, and pathology, among others.

3. You will need to get certified

Even after you have gotten the associates degree for this program, you will find that you are going to need to think about getting certified. The requirements for certification will vary from state to state and in some cases, even from city to city. So make sure that you know that you are going to be looking at some extra study to get the certification that you need. But with the right certification comes broader job opportunities and a higher grade of pay. Make sure that you understand what is required and preferred in your area.

4. You must be precise

When the margin for error is very small and when you may well be working on something that people’s lives will depend on, you are going to need to make fast, efficient, and above all accurate work your priority. Any laboratory science demands a high degree of precision and working as a medical laboratory technician is no different.

Medical Laboratory Technician Employment

My oldest daughter has decided that her career of choice is to become a Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT). She has applied to a few different colleges and knew that she wanted to go for an Associates Degree. After doing some research she decided that she liked this field and believes that there is real growth opportunity in medical laboratory technician employment.

At first I did not have any real idea of what it was that she would be doing and then she explained that MLT’s work with blood samples, specimens, microscopes, and lab equipment.

The job requires a very responsible individual who is well educated in laboratory procedures. She told me that there are roughly 300,000 or more Medical Laboratory Technicians and that the field is expected to grow at least 10 percent over the next several years. There are numerous opportunities for MLT jobs.

Currently, the job is can be sought in hospitals, clinics, blood banks, research and testing laboratories, Veteran’s hospitals, and some government agencies. The salary range can vary, especially depending on the part of the country that you live in, but in general the average salary for an MLT is usually somewhere around $25,000 on up. The higher end of the range is somewhere in the mid to upper $40,000’s. That would apply to someone with plenty of experience who is working in a larger facility.

As a career choice I think that she is making a good decision. It seems that Medical Laboratory Technician Employment opportunities look good and seem as if they will remain strong for years to come. The need for a good, well trained MLT seems pretty recession proof.

I do think that this type of work requires a certain type of person. One who works well independently and who can follow directions well. She has always been good at math and science and it is my understanding that the Associates Degree has quite a few of these classes involved.